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Partnering with the Worthington School District
to help district staff experiment with emerging trends,
conduct action research, and provide experiential learning
for students, parents, and/or the community.

2018 Fall Grant Applications are Here!

Over its nearly 25 year history, the Foundation has raised over $405,000 in contributions and awarded over 400 grants totaling over $310,000 to Worthington teachers and staff to fund exciting and innovative educational projects for our students. These projects range across all schools, grade levels and subject areas.
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  • Carol Price
    Research indicates that there are critical tenets that must be in place before a child learns to read, including parents who gather their little one close as they share stories and talk about books together, as well as the availability of developmentally appropriate books in the family home. The Bilingual Early Literacy Initiative focuses on the acquisition of important emergent literacy skills by giving parents strategies to use when reading aloud with their child and by involving their preschooler in activities and literacy experiences that will impact their learning in kindergarten and their future success in school. Through the three years of this family literacy grant, the district team has learned many things – that our parents from diverse cultures have a strong desire to be part of and support their child’s learning; that addressing necessary literacy skills early enables bilingual students to begin school, ready to learn; and, that a diverse school community brings richness and strength to learning. Simply, this experience has been life-changing for everyone involved.
    Carol Price
    Retired Teacher and Bilingual Early Literacy Workshop Volunteer
  • Ben Rule
    The Worthington community is rich with parents who speak other languages; while they are just learning English themselves, they are eager to help their children be successful. The Bilingual Early Literacy Workshop initiative has been about empowering these parents to empower their children by building critical thinking, language, and literacy skills. Over 50 participating families who speak Spanish now have the beginnings of a bilingual home library. They have learned and begun using strategies for reading together with their children. And perhaps most importantly, as we have shared meals, books, challenges, and laughter together, we have deepened a mutual trust that we are partners together in the work of growing children who will change the world.
    Ben Rule
    Curriculum Leader for English Learners, Worthington Schools
  • Jennifer F.
    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Worthington Educational Foundation!
    In my nearly nine years with the WEF, I have seen our grants change the lives of students and the Worthington community as a whole. From the Hands and Voices of Hope Project—where elementary students across Worthington, who didn’t necessarily see themselves as leaders—became leaders through community service projects raising funds for food banks. To the forward-thinking Words Take Wing grant which, in collaboration with the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy at the Ohio State University, funded bilingual workshops for our Spanish-speaking parents to read, speak, and activate critical thinking skills with their young children—so that they are better prepared when entering kindergarten. Big and small—our Grants do change lives—and that’s what I love about the WEF and our community leaders that help support us.
    Jennifer F.
    Bricker & Eckler LLP