WEF Board of Trustees

Duties of Regular Trustees

Under the WEF Code of Regulations, there are two kinds of trustee: regular trustees who are voting members of the board of trustees, and ex officio members. The following are the duties of each regular trustee:

  1. Actively serve at least one three-year term. Under the Code of Regulations as amended October 2015, regular trustees serve an initial three-year term from June of the calendar year in which the trustee was elected. Thereafter, each trustee may serve two additional three-year terms unless the trustee decides to withdraw at the end of the first or second term. Regular trustees should give notice to the Secretary of their desire to withdraw; otherwise, they are presumed to continue in office. Regular trustees may be removed for cause by a two-thirds vote of other board members.
  2. Regularly attend monthly Board meetings. Under the Code of Regulations, the Board’s scheduled meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at the Worthington Education Center on East Wilson Bridge Road. Section 2.11(d) of the Code of Regulations establishes two attendance requirements, and regards noncompliance as cause for removal: each trustee must attend 5 of the 10 meetings August through May, and each trustee must attend both the June and July meetings or obtain an excused absence from the Chair. It is crucial that members attend in order for the board to obtain a quorum, conduct business, and keep on top of the many activities of WEF.
  3. Provide significant monetary and preparatory support for the annual fundraiser. The annual fundraiser is held on the last Saturday of January; proceeds go to funding grants made upon recommendation of the grants committee. Trustees should make financial donations as they are able and sell tickets; solicit sponsors and donors of food and auction items; and serve on committees planning particular aspects of the event.
  4. Attend and assist at the annual fundraiser. Being present and performing assigned tasks at the annual fundraiser is a basic trustee responsibility; unexcused absence is grounds for removal from the board.
  5. Actively serve on at least one standing committee, or as an officer. The following committees are projected for 2014-2015:
    • Grants. The grants committee reviews the grant applications from Worthington district staff members and decides on a recommendation to the full board whether, in accordance with established criteria, the application should be granted in whole or in part, or denied. The full board then considers the recommendations of the committee and decides whether to make the grant.
    • Communications. The media and marketing committee supervises WEF’s website and Facebook presence, and devises new ways to promote WEF in the community.
    • Planning Committee/Evening in Support of Excellence. The fundraiser committee consists of those trustees who accept primary leadership and responsibility for organizing the annual fundraiser. Although not all board members are on the fundraiser committee, all board members are expected to participate in the fundraiser as described above.
  6. School Liaison. Most trustees will be asked to serve as a liaison to one of the schools in the Worthington district. In that function, the trustee works with the administration and the PTO to promote the annual fundraiser, and also presents certificates in the Honor an Educator program (see Funds).